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       And **drumroll please** this may just be my favourite image I have ever posted. It is it SO IS. Higger Tor was listed as within the city limits of Sheffield, South Yorkshire; which I did not believe because I just KNEW it was in Derbyshire! I KNEW IT. Well, I was wrong, of course, as I generally am when I’m dead certain about something; but in my defence it is 200 metres (220 yards) from the Derbyshire border.

       A tor is a rock outcrop rising abruptly from surrounding smooth slopes of a rounded hill. The word is also used for the hills themselves in the South West of England, where the term originated; particularly the high points of Dartmoor in Devon and Bodmin Moor in Cornwall.

       These colours make me swoon (the purples!) the composition is perfect, and the lighting is breathtaking. I do so hope you like it, but if you do not, that is too bad for you then I am quite sorry to hear it. (Dinky Do’s on flickr)

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  2. Tim Walker / “Mechanical Dolls” Vogue Italia October 2011.
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    The Shah Mosque of Isfahan

    Built during the Safavid period, it is an excellent example of Islamic architecture of Iran, and regarded as one of the masterpieces of Persian Architecture. The Shah Mosque of Isfahan is one of the everlasting masterpieces of architecture in Iran. It is registered, along with the Naghsh-i Jahan Square, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its construction began in 1611, and its splendor is mainly due to the beauty of its seven-colour mosaic tiles and calligraphic inscriptions.

    Photograph 1 by: Omid Jafarnezhad

    Photographs 2 - 6 by: ‘Horizon’ on Flickr.

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    Dress (Ball Gown)

    House of Worth  (French, 1858–1956)

    Charles Frederick Worth 

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  6. 1000 Bowls

    Part of the exhibition “Postulater om Fremtidens Kunsthåndværk” in the Roundtower, Copenhagen, and then in Galerie Besson, London in 1997

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    “The perfect ten”. Caroline Trentini by Steven Meisel for Vogue US July 2005 via:fionacullen:bienenkiste

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