1. unconsumption:

    Wellies have become as much a part of festival culture as the music, beer and straw hats. And, just like festival tents, they tend to get left behind in the muddy field at the end of the weekend, forgotten, sodden and anonymous.

    So one guy decided to collect them up and do something good with them. Steffan Lemke-Elms set up Festival Reboot, a company that collects, cleans and reuses these unwanted wellington boots….

    Once cleaned, the tops get chopped off leaving a clog like shoe at the bottom and a strip of welly material…. The rubbery material gets upcycled in either a beer holder, a notebook or a bracelet.. Steffan sells these in order to raise money to send the bottom part (the cleaned, paired Welly Clogs) out to the slums in Nairobi and Nakuru in Kenya.

    (via Do The Green Thing: Wellies are for life, not just for Glastonbury)

    This is brilliant! As it appears some people really are lazy enough to leave a festival site in a state similar to the aftermath of a nuclear apocolypse, I’m glad there is at least one person out there organised and clever enough to come up with a plan like this!

  2. I love this outfit- the shoes are so nice and complement all the layers wonderfully!

  5. Glass display at The Manitoba Museum

    … I need to get me something important to do or I’m going to spend the rest of my life reliving my exchange year. How Sad.