1. acuriosityofmine:

    Natural History Exhibits in Seitenstetten Abbey

  2. Alice Pattullo “Shell Museum”

  3. Japanese tea utensils at the Museum of Anthropolgy, UBC, Vancouver.

  4. Lace artefacts at the Museum of Anthropology, UBC, Vancouver.

  6. My week in pictures.

    If you are in the Leeds area, be sure to check out the Northern Art Prize 2010- I can’t decide who I’d want to win…

  7. Some friends and I are planning a picnic tomorrow at Harewood House - please wish us luck with the weather (you know how England can be…)!

  9. Leila Cohoon, founder of Leila’s Hair Museum in Independence, Mo., photo by Richard Gwin.

    I want to go there- I love museums so much, and small kind off crazy ones like this are just amazing! There is a man somewhere in the UK who turned his house and garden into a museum of his life, but I can’t seem to find him online- does anyone else know who/what I mean and where I can find him/it?